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Georgia Athletic Trainers' Association

"Athletic trainers are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize patient and client activity and participation in athletics, work and life. The practice of athletic training encompasses the prevention, examination and
diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of emergent, acute, subacute, and chronic neuromusculoskeletal conditions and certain medical conditions in order to minimize subsequent impairments, functional limitations, disability, and
societal limitations."*

In Georgia, all athletic trainers must obtain a license from the Georgia Board of Athletic Trainers to practice.  Using the title or performing the duties of an athletic trainer without a license is a misdemeanor of a high and aggravated nature, regardless of certification status. 

Our scope of practice is dictated by our supervising/consenting physician, allowing athletic trainers to treat any condition regardless of where or how the condition occurred.  Athletic training is covered by many health insurance and workers compensation plans.

*From the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA):

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