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GATA Honors & Awards

The GATA Honors & Awards Committee presents several honors as well as scholarships each year as listed below. Scholarships are presented to undergraduate and graduate students each year. Others honors are open to individuals as outlined below.  All applications and nomination forms must be submitted online for the following honors and awards:


Criteria:  Postgraduate students who plan to pursue a career in athletic training as their primary career goal are eligible to apply.  This can include students enrolled in professional masters programs and post certification programs.  The awards exist to recognize students who show leadership potential and a passion for the athletic training profession that Lori exhibited during her career.  Scholarships are awarded to up to two postgraduate students in the amount of $750 each.

All students must be enrolled in a school in Georgia to be considered for the award. All applicants must plan to pursue a career in athletic training as their primary career goal.

Application Procedures:  Please complete the scholarship application which can be found by clicking the header above. This scholarship requires a two recommendations from certified athletic trainers whom you have worked with previously or work with currently.  A link to the digital recommendation form can be found by clicking on the header above.  Once your application has been submitted please email a copy of your transcript to All application materials including application, transcript, and two recommendation forms must be submitted by April 12, 2024 for consideration.  Official transcripts are preferred, but unofficial transcripts are acceptable if necessary to make the deadline. 


Criteria: To be eligible for the award the individual must be a certified member of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, and licensed by the Georgia Board of Athletic Training, and demonstrate exemplary service to the profession of athletic training in Georgia.  Any GATA member  may submit a nomination. A minimum of 10 years experience as a certified and/or licensed athletic trainer is required with a significant portion of these years taking place in the state of Georgia. 

Nomination Procedures: In addition to the sponsor’s recommendation, three additional letters of recommendation including  (1) a supervisor  from the nominee’s place of employment (administrator, coach, fellow staff member, etc.), (2) a certified athletic trainer within the GATA, (3) a physician who works with or supervises the athletic trainer. Included in these letters should be details of the personal character and specific contributions, which would make the nominee an appropriate choice for the award. In addition, completed nomination forms are available from members of the Honors and Awards Committee or the GATA website.  The recipient will be notified and invited to the GATA Annual Symposium and will be recognized during the luncheon.  Nominations must be submitted by April 12, 2024.



Criteria: Recommendation by 3 persons (2 of which must be NATABOC certified or state licensed GATA members) detailing the individual contributions to the GATA or the profession of athletic training. The GATA recognizes individuals, companies, or institutions who promote athletic training within the state of Georgia.  The recipient of this award does not have to be an athletic trainer.

Nomination Procedures: The nominations must be completed and accompanied by three letters of recommendation to the Chair of the GATA Honors and Awards Committee by April 12, 2024.



Criteria:  5 + years of service to the state of Georgia as a physician.  This physician must have worked alongside a certified athletic trainer providing care for Georgia's athletes while graciously giving of their time and service.  The GATA is proud to award him/her with Honorary Membership to the GATA as well as a commemorative plaque at the January Annual Symposium

Nomination Procedures:  In order to nominate a physician, three letters of recommendation are required.  Two of these letters must come from NATABOC-certified or state-licensed athletic trainers who are GATA members detailing the physician's dedication to providing sports medicine coverage to the athletes of the state of Georgia including statements of personal character and specific contributions make the nominee an appropriate choice for this award.  The third letter may come from another athletic trainer or from someone else (co-worker, administrator, etc).

The nomination must be completed and accompany the letters of recommendation to the Chair of the GATA Honors and Awards Committee and postmarked by April 12, 2024.


Created in 2018 to recognize one or more Young Professional Athletic Trainers in the state of Georgia who demonstrate leadership and a passion for the athletic training profession.  The purpose of this award is to recognize and contribute to the continuing education and leadership development of a young professional athletic trainer.  The funds can be divided amongst multiple recipients but will not exceed a total of $1,000 per year. 

To be eligible to apply for the Dr. Champ Baker Young Professional Leadership Award, the applicant must meet the following criteria and will be asked to submit corresponding documentation:

  • 12 years or less as a certified/licensed athletic trainer
  • Active as a licensed athletic trainer in the state of Georgia
  • Current member of the GATA/NATA
  • Possess an NPI number
  • Minimum of two years of certified experience in the field of athletic training 
  • Submission of a personal statement highlighting the following:
    • Involvement in the profession of athletic training (community, state, regional, national, etc)
    • Professional goals
    • Intended use of the funds and the amount being requested (Conference at the state, regional, or national level; NATA Leadership Development course, etc.)
  • Two letters of recommendation completed via online form:
    • One letter must come from a certified athletic trainer
    • One Letter must come from the applicant’s place of employment (supervisor, AD, administrator, etc)

The applications must be completed and accompany the letters of recommendation by April 12, 2024.


Induction into the Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed by the Georgia Athletic Trainers’ Association.  The GATA invites its members to nominate eligible and deserving candidates for this prestigious distinction. 

Candidates will be reviewed based on their contribution to the GATA and the profession of athletic training.  The nomination must originate from a GATA member and will be received and reviewed by the Honors and Awards committee and forwarded to the GATA Executive Committee who will decide if the nominee will be added to the Hall of Fame.

The award will be presented at the luncheon of the GATA Awards Ceremony at the annual GATA Educational Symposium.


      1.      20 years membership in the GATA and/or the profession of athletic training.

2.      NATABOC certified and licensed by state of Georgia.  Candidate may be retired at the time of nomination as long as he/she was certified and/or licensed at the time of retirement from the profession.

3.      Exemplary contributions to the profession of athletic training--at the local, state, or national level--to include education, speaking, research, scholarly writing, or community involvement.  A significant portion of this professional experience must have taken place in the state of Georgia. 

4.      The nominee can be eligible if he/she were retired or deceased prior to the formation of the GATA.


1.      Any GATA member may nominate an individual for this award and must submit the completed application form, a curriculum vita, and 3 letters of recommendation as outlined below.

2.    All nomination materials (online nomination form, curriculum vita, and 3 letters of recommendation) must be submitted to the Chairperson of the Awards and Honors committee at by 11:59pm on April 12, 2024.

 3.      The members of the Honors and Awards Committee will review the nominations and submit the names to the GATA Executive Committee.

4.      The Executive Committee need not select a recipient every year.

5.      Non-selected nominees will be considered one additional year following the initial nomination. 

6.      In the event no nomination is received, the Honors and Awards Committee rejects all nominees, or the Executive Committee rejects the nominees, the Honors and Awards Committee is then responsible for nominating and recommending a candidate to the Executive Committee.

7.      The actions of the Executive Committee are to remain private with the exception of announcing the recipient or the decision not to present the award.

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