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Georgia Athletic Trainers' Association


Steps to Obtain an NPI Number

 1-Go to the NPI site
 2- Click to register as "Health Care Provider"
 3-Click "Apply online for an NPI"
 4-Follow directions for name, address, phone, etc
 5--Screen prompts you to "Add Identifier--
 Please Enter All Other  Provider Identifiers (UPIN, Medicare, Medicaid, and Others):"-meaning Medicare/Medicaid identifiers for you that already exists somewhere.
If you do not have these, hit "Next"
 6--Screen prompts you to "Add Taxonomy":
--Click provider type #22: "Respiratory, Rehabilitative & Restorative
Service Providers", then click next --Scroll down the list on the
next screen to "2255A2300X Specialist/Technologist--Athletic Trainer"--highlight this area
 7-Enter your state license number from the GBAT into the appropriate
box and hit next.
 8--Read and agree to legal page
 9--You will receive an email with your NPI info within a day or so.

Getting your NPI number is important to ALL of us, whether billing for  services now or not. The NPI is free to obtain.  The greater our numbers, the better chance wehave of being heard on the national level. THAT certainly impacts us

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