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Georgia Athletic Trainers' Association

House Bill 93

Governor Roy Barnes signs HB 93 into law.

House Bill 93 (HB93) was sponsored by Representative Robin Williams and Representative Keith Heard in response to difficulties raised by athletic trainers, patients, employers and insurance carriers with regard to reimbursement for services rendered to patients by an athletic trainer for diagnoses falling within their lawful scope of practice. Athletic trainers have been eligible for reimbursement, by law, since 1977. Many insurers were taking the position that only doctors and physical therapists were eligible for reimbursement while other insurers were reimbursing for services delivered by an athletic trainer.   House Bill 93 was legislated to correct this misconception and to provide a remedy for the citizens of Georgia.

This legislation provides consistency across the State with regard to reimbursement of services rendered by an athletic trainer which fall within the athletic trainer's scope of practice (as defined in O.C.G.A. sec. 43-5-I). HB 93 was passed so that athletic trainers and their patients would no longer experience reimbursement denials and inconsistencies by insurers who otherwise reimburse physicians for the same services.

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